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Drugging RNA

Small molecules that target messenger RNA have therapeutic potential, but the field still lacks an unqualified success. Companies differ on how to move the resurgent field forward.

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Skyhawk Therapeutics Announces Expansion of its Collaboration Agreement with Merck to Discover and Develop Novel Small Molecules that Modulate RNA Splicing

Skyhawk will deploy its SkySTAR platform to develop drug candidates directed to multiple new targets for autoimmune and metabolic diseases. Skyhawk is eligible to receive approximately $600 million per program target consisting of an upfront cash payment and, if Merck exercises its option, potential opt-in fees, milestone payments, as well as royalties on sales of commercialized products.


The 20 Startups to Watch in Boston in 2020

Based on factors like funding, partnerships, awards, technology licenses and more, we’ve worked to identify the startups that are on the precipice of something big. These companies, we think, will be making major moves to kick off the new Roaring 20s.

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